Still Deperately Seeking Bubblegum Pink!!!!

  1. Hi ladies!!!! The bag of my dreams arrived today and I'm an idiot! My only excuse is, since it's my first Balenciaga I'm clueless. I found a beautiful Bubblegum Work and she arrived today, but she's just too big for me. I have been looking over so many threads here at the pf, and so many girls with Works are moving on to Weekenders, so I thought the Work would well "work" for me. So my search is still on, so please keep your eyes peeled. I'm thinking City, Twiggy, and then First. Please share any thoughts on size and styles, I'm all ears. I am a stay at home mom, so when I head out of the house I don't need to bring everything with me. Back in the day when I was a working mom, and I had to leave the house in the morning with everthing including the kitchen sink in my bag, I deffinitely could have used a Work or Weekender! Anyway, thanks for helping out this clueless newbie!
  2. I still love the hobo in bubblegum the one on Ebay still available? It is quite beautiful.
  3. Aw, too bad - the work is definitely one of the most popular sizes on this board! ;) and the bubblegum pink/work combo is hot!!! ;) you'll have no problem passing it on.

    Anyways, I would check out the 'photos wearing your balenciaga bags' sticky at the top of the balenciaga forum --- there is a wide variety of different bbag styles on lots of different people :heart:
  4. Thanks mimz, and pippop! Both ideas are very good advice! I have been keeping my eye on the hobo, and the seller is trying to track down extra tassles. A bag close to mint with extra tassles and so forth appeals to me a great deal, since it will be my first b-bag. The hobo shape is not my fav tho. God, do I sound like a real picky b*%#* or what!!! It's really sad that none of the 06 colors, or leather's catch my fancy. I know my bag is out there waiting for me to find her! Besides City, Twiggy, First, and Hobo I am widening my options to include Sky Blue, Turquoise, and Lilac. There are a few of those right now on ebay, so soon the right one will find me! I'm off to check out the pix of pf'ers and their bags! Thanks again, Deana
  5. ^It's good to be picky! That way you'll never settle; and when you're spending this kind of money on a never want to settle!
  6. Thanks for all your advice! I have found a mint BBGM City with tags, mirror, and extra tassles...I'm doin the happy dance!

    Now all I need is someone to adopt the Work! Thanks everybody!

  7. That pink one on ebay has caught my eye also, but I'm really picky too!
  8. Yay, Deana! Post pics when you get her!
  9. Congratulations Deana! You SO deserve it darling! =)
  10. Congrats, hope I find my dream pink b baby.
  11. Yeah me too. I want a bubblegum as well... Sigh
  12. Pink is my color too so I feel your pain! I would love one in pink.