Still debating on bag for Spring--style and color (need opinions!!)

  1. I am thinking now that, since I am starting a base collection, I should go with a standard Chanel bag, not necessarily a "new" bag. I don't see how I could ever go wrong with a classic flap, its only drawback is accessability. Totes are so convenient.

    Then there is the color issue. I don't think white is a great choice for a mom of 2 little ones, right? Then there is beige, but what do you girls think of beige--blah or classic? I also love navy, but how is it for Spring? I love, love patent, but I don't want to get too caught up in the patent phase and have it look dated in a couple of years. Oh, so many questions. I am going to make this my last bag for the year, so I want to get it right!!
  2. navy is always in, even in Spring/Summer.

    I have 3 young ones and I can't do a Classic Flap just yet, just not practical enough for me, I need to be able to reach in and pull out wipees FAST!
  3. I love the Grand Shopping Tote, it is classic and so comfortable on the shoulder. I have the black w/ silver hardware and I know it comes in white and maybe beige. I am not into beige to blah for me. There is also the Petite Shopper. I love navy and now you see a lot of navy mixed with spring and summer clothing shoes and accessories. I have to add a flap to my collection. I agree with you about the totes and the accessibility, but one cannot truly have a Chanel collection without a flap. So I have to do that soon. I would strongly suggest the baby Cabas, if you don't feel it is too trendy or you may already have it. Patent is TDF, I don't think the patent clutch will ever look dated. I have a black one with the double C closure. I love it. Enjoy the "hunt"~~~
  4. I know. I love the flap I have now, but it is not a mommy bag! So maybe a navy tote. If one exits!
  5. Swank when you gonna get another bag????? I am waiting to see what you choose:sleepy: I like your style and choices in your other purchases.
  6. Thanks Penny!:heart:

    They have a GORGEOUS deep Navy Grand Shopping Tote, it's TDF!!!

  7. OK lets get that one:yes: LOL

    Seriously after white, navy is my next pursuit--
  8. The grand shopping tote or the caviar medallion in black.
  9. i love totes but im always dropping them and my stuff everywhere so i cant wear them, lol.

    the navy is a beautiful color irl
  10. Swanky--where did you see the navy GST? I'm thinking that would be the best fit. Did it have silver hardware, too?
  11. I saw one last summer, they're pretty hard to come by to be honest.
    Yes, it has silver hardware.
    I'd call half a dozen stores, a few Chanel's and a few NMs and ask to be waitlisted for one.