Still contemplating something to fit my iPad2...

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  1. now I'm thinking the Manhattan PM. I've seen this on IRL worn by some women and really love the way it looks. It's not too big - which is great as I already have several baby bag/purses which are quite big. Love my pochettes, but obviously they are not big enough for an iPad2 - the only other item I may carry aside from my phone, keys, and cles when going out sans kiddies.

    I know it's a handheld, but that doesn't bother me....I've also seen it worn on the crook of the elbow too.

    Based on the dimensions, I *think* it *should* fit my iPad2, but I'm not sure - does anyone out there (who has one) know?

    Thanks so much for bearing with me and my question as I think of my next purchase :flowers::flowers:
  2. My Ipad2 fits perfectly in my Retiro PM. I like that I have the shoulder strap to free up my hands when I am busy running around. This doesn't exactly answer your question, just thought maybe you'd like an alternative suggestion:smile:
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm open to them. I'll probably flip-flop before making my final choice, so it's good :smile:
    I'll check out Retiro PM....
  4. my ipad2 fits the in the exterior pocket of my Deauville...but thats prob too big???
    What about a speedy? it would prob fit in the bottom and act as a base shaper

    other than that I dont know, I have a NF GM and it fits obvi LOL but you dont want big bags. Oh and sac plat...but again maybe too large or too structured
  5. honestly the ipad fits into so many medium sized bags, it fits nicely in my speedy 30, so as long as you aren't attached to a clutch, you'll be able to fit your ipad into an lv bag even a medium wilshire it would fit
  6. I think it might be difficult to get in and out of the opening to be honest.
  7. Hi, I have a Siracusa GM which has a pocket specifically designed to fit the iPad2. I didn't know at the time when I bought the bag, but it's a really nice surprise, and extremely functional bag! Hope this helps.
  8. Would it fit in an Alma? There are other choices too like the Westminster, BV, Lockit, Totally PM...
  9. I use my Batignolles Horizontal, it works perfectly.
  10. have you checked the apple website? according to them, the iPad 2 dimensions are: 7.31" x 9.5". i'm not sure of the dimensions of the manhattan, but the iPad 2 would fit inside a speedy 25 if that gives you any perspective. i'm guessing the manhattan is roomier than that. good luck!
  11. The iPad2 fits perfectly in the Palermo PM :love:

  12. I own both, Manhattan PM and iPad2.... it's a tight fit to get the iPad2 with a leather cover to fit inside the bag. I had to pull a bit on the top of the bag to get the zipper area to close over the iPad/case. Because of this, the iPad 2/case is nestled against only one side of the bag, making that side of the bag feel heavy. There's quite a bit of room on the other side of the bag for your other essentials but not much though. In all honesty, I wouldn't recommend the Manhattan PM as a carrying case for your iPad.
  13. Thanks Expy00 for checking it out and posting a frank review. Kinda bummed bc I really love the look of the bag, but it has to be practical, and a tight fit won't work.

    Now on to exploring other options! Gotta love shopping!