Still confused - any advice?

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  1. Well, I was back at Saks and very nice SA there also suggested the timeless classic pochette in addition to the mini flap or the timeless clutch. He also suggested the wallet on the chain, but I don't think that's what I want. Anyway, what do you think? This would be for out to dinner on a Sat. night (not clubbing), the occasional party or daytime wedding or luncheon. Thanks for walking me through this!!
  2. The timeless clutch holds a lot, and looks so classy. A great bag and I don't think you would be disappointed.
  3. For me, i'd go with the small classic flap or the e/w flap (pochette) over the mini and the timeless clutch. I think I'd get more use of the e/w and the small flap, the mini is kina small and i'm not a fan of it's shape, the clutch is very elegant but I feel that is only good for evening dinner, wedding or those kinda events, with the pouchette and the small I can take them anywhere: clubbing, wedding, dinner, out with friends...I feel like I can take them anywhere with me.

  4. do you happen to know what's the price of the small classic flap in lamb?
  5. The mini flap is perfect. The wallet on a chain doesn't really hold anything.
  6. ^My wallet on chain can hold my camera and cell phone. :yes: I guess I don't really bring much with me anymore since I switch out bags so often, but I get complimented on it wherever I go!

    For Lily, I'd say that the E/W flap or the Timeless Clutch are great matches! The timeless clutch can fit a LOT in it, I have one in white!
  7. If you have a budget, I would go for the timeless clutch. It is a lot bigger than you think and it is soo lovely. I knew I HAD to have it when I saw mine and played with it in the store. If you don't have a budget and you want more use out of it, I say get the small classic flap. It is a classic and I believe it holds about the same amount as a clutch. You can also wear it on your shoulder for informal/formal events!
  8. This is really helping, actually! Don't tell DH b/c he will think I've gone completely off the deep end! Still, I really feel like I am talking to the experts! Now just one more "visit" to look at the timeless clutch and the pochette.
    Question: Is the pochette the same thing as the e/w bag? Someone above mentioned that. I keep hearing e/w bag, but am somewhat new to channel and don't know all the terminology.
  9. Good luck with deciding what bag to get I would go for the timeless clutch as it is perfect for evenings/ dinner
  10. I love the timeless clutch. I have been able to use mine for formal events or casual dinners. It's perfect.
  11. Honestly I have all three...the medium flap in lambskin, the timeless clutch in lambskin and two wallet purses(silver&blk caviar). The wallet purses are amazing. I fit my mobile, there are slots for credit cards, I throw in some bills, my house key et voila!!! Try its versatility, shorten and lenghten the chain. It'll surprise you.
  12. ^ITA. I looove my wallet on chain. I always get complimented on it. You can wear it so many different ways, and like I said before I can also fit my camera and phone in it along with money and credit cards (the essentials).

    The timeless clutch is very big and spacious, but if you were looking for something that is not hand carried and has a strap, get the wallet on chain or a small or E/W flap. :yes:
  13. Thank you to all of you! I now have it narrowed down to the timeless clutch and the e/w, so it is getting close. I actually really want both now. Maybe I can figure something out. Uh oh, I think I may be a bit obsessed!