Still conflicted about which bracelet(s) buy. Help me decide!

Which option would you go for?

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Oct 20, 2014
I do not own any Cartier. I thought I would want a single classic yg love bracelet but I kept stopping from actually buying it. Part of the reason is that it is so ubiquitous around me. In any case, I can't decide, still! Please help me decide by taking the poll! :smile:

1) 1 yg love and 1 rg love
2) 1 yg juc and 1 rg love
3) 1 yg juc with diamonds


Jul 12, 2012
“H”eaven on Earth
I can see how items that are seen often on others are somewhat less desirable for some, as you don't feel like the piece is special or unique. On the other hand, I buy things because I love them and enjoy them and make them special with my own memories or to celebrate a purpose, It doesn't deter me from purchasing it at all just cause other people have the same piece. A great thing to take away from a piece that's popular is that they hold value hence called "investment pieces". If the love is what you truly want, don't let the popularity of it get in the way of your purchase. My vote goes to diamond juc only because I love everything with diamonds. I don't like the juc without diamonds, it doesn't appeal to me the same way and is too masculine looking. Or, may I suggest the 4 diamond love that's not on your poll.


Nov 26, 2008
I have the same sentiments regarding Love bracelet. I bought the Rose Gold Love with 4 diamonds recently and returned it. Decided I prefer JUC with diamonds mainly it's less common and holds a more special meaning to me. I'm a Christian and a big nail reminds me of Christ's cruxification, signifying His unconditional and sacrificial love. I like that JUC design is quite unconventional, depicting how headstrong I am but have to remind myself to be more flexible/bendable
Anything with diamonds will be extra beautiful. I need those sparklers since they are my birthstone!
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