Still can't make up my mind...what should be next?


Which one???

  1. Paddy mousse large tote

  2. Paddy mousse zippy

  3. Paddy med sachel whiskey

  4. Quilted bay med. black

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  1. Lady's I am still torn and am trying to make up my mind...what should be my "after" next Chloé (next is my ivory paddy)!

    My options:

    Paddy mousse large tote
    Paddy mousse zippy
    Paddy med satchel whiskey
    Quilted Bay med. black..............

    I am really in love with my choco which makes me wonder again!:shame:
  2. Black bay, no question!! Gosh it will compliment your ivory paddy so well, you will have a chloe bag for every occasion because of the diversity of colour :yes:
  3. I agree! Go for the quilted bay! Then the mousse, and then the whiskey!:p
  4. Quilted medium black bay might be my own choice too. Somehow I have come around to them. But I have been buying purses like a crazy woman and I sure hope I can resist buying one until May or June even - LOL!
  5. BAY BAY! You already have a Paddy so get the Bay and then if you want another paddy get the mousse or whiskey.
  6. I like the quilted bay.
  7. Bay! Without a doubt! All the other bags are gorgeous too, but after seeing bal's and roz's bags we want to see more! :drool:
  8. So far the lone voice for Whiskey paddy . . . no real reason, I just like the color! But the close runner-up for me would be the Bay, it is just a lovely bag. Have fun choosing! :smile:
  9. Bay All The Way!! ; - )
  10. I am going out on a limb here....
    My vote is for the paddy Mousse large tote! I love that color!!
  11. Whow the Bay lovers are truly in the majority, I am still not shure hmmmmmmmm. Keep the votes and comments comin!
  12. A Yay for Bay here too!
  13. Bay ;)
    My friend just got a white/cream - It's really VERY roomy!! and look how wide it opens!! :drool: :yahoo:
    Bay open.JPG
  14. Quilted Bay ^^