still can´t get over mirage sac plat...

  1. Ever since I saw the first photo of the mirage collection, I knew I wanted the sac plat and it broke my heart to hear that it won´t be produced...:crybaby:since then I wasn´t able to get over you think that there is any chance of them changing their mind, say if there is a big demand for mirage and it will show to be really popular (as it clearly is)? I would do anything to get that bag, I always really liked the shape of sac plats but wasn´t sure if to get one or not but this one is soooooo special! Anyone else to start up a petition for Marc?:graucho:
  2. Hmmmm, wonder if you'd be able to SO it? Would probably be slim chances, could ask! :smile:
  3. I doubt'll they will change their mind and you won't be able to SO
    I think it's great too it really shows the effect well.
  4. i wan that mirage alma MM ao badly yeah hopet they will produce but i think wont....:sad:
  5. What they have out now is it. Marc chose what styles will be produced, those didn't make the cut sadly, and you cannot special order SEASONAL items nor will they change their minds since they would have to start up production for that item or items and that takes time, by then the new cruise stuff will be out and before we know it, s/s 08
  6. Agree with Matt! Sorry!!!
  7. Sorry to hear that, I can only imagine how sad you must feel....The Speedy or Musette would be a nice alternative, no?
  8. I don't think LV will make it, no matter how many people want one.... Sorry! It is a great bag!
  9. I wanted the Sac plat too! =-( But I'll have one in kangaroo instead from the next SS collection I guess...

  10. Don't worry they go into the archive they are safe
  11. Could always ask LV.