Still can't get on Forum at my work computer

  1. I still get the back in three hours message on my computer at work. Do I have to resign myself to this or is there hope of getting on again?
  2. Honestly, that is weird.

    I will ask Vlad and tell Vlad to talk to the techs. Can you tell us exactly what it says when you try at work.
  3. It gives that message about hope to be back in 3 hours then when I click to go to more info it takes me to a page that says something like there is a problem with the site you're trying to access or something...I'll print it out tomorrow so I can tell you.
  4. That is really weird... is it comcast by chance??
  5. I don't know's my work computer to I obviously can't go asking the IS dept why I can get on my purse forum. I have microsoft office if that helps...I'm pretty inept when it comes to computer stuff. They do have lots of filters...I can't go on eBay for instance. But when you hit something like that it gives a different message...something like this is forbidden. The message I'm getting when I try to go to purse forum is different. Like it just can't make the connection
  6. It sounds like it is acessing an old page...I know it is basic, but did you try clearing your cache, cookies and history, then restarting your computer?
  7. Your computer for some reason is still trying to access the old ISP, meaning that your provider had not updated yet.

    That is FOREVER though.

    Do what Twinkle Tink said- clear your cookies and cache, restart your browser and computer. See if that helps at all
  8. This is my work computer. Sorry if I sound dumb but I don't know how to clear cookies and cache. I know how to restart computer but not sure about browser. I tried going into forum different ways instead of using my shortcut but that didn't help. Message I get is "Error establishing a database connection. This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we cant contact the data base server at localhost. This could mean your host's database server is down...etc." Then there is a place to click on and it goes to a page that is WordPress Support. Gives options for Installation problems, etc. As I said this is my work computer and I'm not really supposed to be using for personal stuff. Do I just have to resign myself to not going on Forum from work? Or is there something easy I can try that won't get the attention of my employer's IS dept?
    Thank you
  9. First try this: on the top tool bar, there is a refresh button, it is two green arrows, forming a circle, click that. If that doesn't work....

    Are you on windows? Look at your lower left hand corner, do you see green box with a microsoft logo and word start in white?

    Click that, a box should come up. On the right side click on control panel. The control panel will pop up. Click on network and internet connection, that will open. Top left icon in the bottom section should say inernet options, click that. Another window will pop up. The middle section says temporary internet delete cookies. Bottom section is History, hit clear history.

    Now close all your windows. Hit the green start button again, in the lower right will be a botton that says turn off computer, hit that. A new window will pop up, click the far right button that says restart. If can take a few minutes, so don't get nervous, just let it do it's thing.

    Good luck :smile: