Still can't decide which antic to keep!!!

  1. OK, so by the time I decide between the anctic cervo satchel or drawstring they WILL literally be "antiques". I am having such a hard time deciding. The drawstring came from a boutique...they have extended my return time because they are aware I can't decide, there was a delay in shipping, etc!! Very nice of them!! The satchel came from BG. This way I can have both side by side to look at. Regardless, the satchel in my possession will be returned due to the fact the boutique only offers a store credit. I will either keep the drawstring from there, or exchange it for a satchel from there. particular drawstring is a little brighter, a little more pebbled, and a little squishier. BUT the satchel is so darn versatile. In the hand, on the elbow, across the body, etc. OMG I need more opinions. It was a 50/50 split last time I posted. I thought Jill had won me over to the satchel...but then.
    They are hanging side by side in my foyer for me to stare at...but I can't pull the trigger on which should go back! By the way, I am usually not this indecisive. Thoughts, suggestions??? Thanks!!
  2. I personally like the cervo satchel better. I think it is more versatile. The drawstring is beautiful though and I would have a hard time deciding too. Whichever one you choose will be gorgeous! :yes:
  3. satchel is a better shape for ME personally..get what works FOR YOU..Post pics!!
  4. Jill, tried to post 3 pictures but it was reected sighting that the file was too big??? I am not a computer genius, and don't know how to make 3 little digital pics any smaller. Really want to share the pics with you!
  5. oops I meant rejected, not reected (what on earth would that mean?)
  6. You need to use an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. If you are able to upload the picture to the web (using a place like photobucket) I can make the image smaller for you. :smile:
  7. Send me the pics..I will post for you..I PM'd you my email addy
  8. IMHO the satchel is nicer - but its a personal thing! :flowers: