still can't decide on the HH clutch wallet!


HH lead or eggplant clutch wallet?

  1. lead

  2. eggplant

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  1. i just ordered the eggplant purple wallet, but i keep looking at the lead color wondering if i should get that instead! i know they still need to restock on the lead, so if i get it ill have to wait.
    initally i was more attracted to the purple, but the more i see the lead, the more it grows on me cause it'll match bags better. but then again, ive never been one to match handbags, so im hoping it wont bother me in the future, as i intend to keep the wallet for a while. what do you think? thanks!
  2. Try to find a purple wallet worth buying...I havent yet until I saw the HH clutch wallet in Eggplant! My point is, how often do you see a beautiful, well-made PURPLE LEATHER wallet???

    I'd go with the Eggplant!
  3. you are so right...the lead is so unique, but you dont see such a rich, sophisticated purple often either! i think my solution is to buy a lead lorca...cause i really think i need SOMETHING in lead ;)
  4. my vote goes with eggplant. That seems to be a really hot color this fall and the wallet is beautiful. Good luck and post pics when you decide!
  5. I like the eggplant too
    its a gorgeous shade on that wallet:tup:
  6. Oh, the eggplant wallet in a lead Lorca - that would be a drop-dead gorgeous combination!!!
  7. I'd go with the Eggplant for a wallet as well. Metallics sometimes show wear more easily than other colors, and a wallet gets a lot of wear.
  8. I have the lead lorca and pseub is right, it looks like it will wear quite a bit and loose its sheen easily...So I'd go for the eggplant.
  9. thank you for the input! i think i made the right choice... cant wait to get it and post pics!
  10. Eggplant! I have this wallet in Plum and it looks outstanding with all of my bags. The colors are different, but purple wallets are great!
  11. How true!
  12. Definitley stick with the eggplant color, it's absolutely gorgeous!!!
  13. I prefer the eggplant.
  14. Another vote for eggplant here...
  15. I'm usually not a fan of purple, but the eggplant is gorgeous!