Still can't decide between wallets, can you help?


Oct 6, 2008
I'm still stuck at the wallet question: It's definite that I'll be buying a large (maybe zip around) wallet from coach with the next pce, but I am having a hard time deciding which one. I kinda like the waverly heart zip wallet or the gramercy zip wallets, then i am "liking" the poppy larger wallets for either $98 or the fold poppy wallet in metallic blue, but it's propably not as useful bkz the interior dosen't have a zip pocket.. or? which one sounds good, and why?

the waverly is cute but has gold hw and pvc, which i'm not necessarily a fan of, but i have the mini skinny and it's very cute! but paying this much for pvc and gold?

the gramercy- are fun, but i'm not crazy about any particular color, i "like" some of the colors...

the $98 poppy wallet- well, it's affordable- but i am not a fan on the weird zipper opening, and no coin zipper inside, other than that it's cute tho. but it sure would match my jazzy (but anything else?)

the blue metallic poppy wallet with the two zips outside and the id window inside- again, gold hw issue, but metallic blue sounds delicious... just same poppy issue, it dosen't have a coin zipper inside and what will it match?

all wallets have something nice and something "eeh" about them, and I can't make up my mind. Maybe it will be easier when i see them all in front of me, but so far I am no where near any direction... what do you think? which one sounds more convenient and will get more use over the next half year (at least)? I'm hoping to keep the wallet for a while... don't like to switch all the time. Thanks for your input!


Sep 8, 2009
Woman you crack me up....random thought all over :smile:

Here is my two cents. Buy the fun poppy one that zips around.

1) You will have a fun color in your bag all the time.
2) It is a material that will hold up, can be wiped off and will last longer.
3) It can double as a wristlet :smile:

and you can pick up a coin purse for cheap just about your "friends" closet!

Ha, there is my opinion :smile:


My HG changes daily
Mar 20, 2009
What about a Daisy wallet from the outlets? I just picked this one up for $55. It has a zippered pocket inside, and one outside too (I put my change in that one). It only has 6 card slots so I put my excess ones I hardly use in a mini skinny. I like how light this wallet is, and it seems very well made. It came in black and white siggy, and the colorful daisy print too. Maybe other colors I didn't notice as well.




Jul 26, 2007
I just bought a waverly zip around at Dillards on sale today. It was clearanced 50% then another 30% today. So under $70.00 with tax included I believe.
I love it. I love the material because it is cleanable! I don't have to worry about scratches or setting it down somewhere icky. (Well ok I still have to worry, but not as much:P)
Plus I love the organization of it.
And just my opinion, everything I have ever bought that was Poppy has a sticky zipper that never functions 100% right. I have returned 2 swingpacks in the last month alone. (all unused-just trying the zippers out at home)