Still Can"t Decide.....

  1. Hello
    Does anyone own the Charmy boston bag or the Abbey shoulder bag in the brown Ebony? I can't decide between the two and I would love if anyone can share their thought on them and if anyone has a pictures of some one caring the bags it would really help to get a visual.
    152457_F40IG_9643.jpg 130736_F4DYG_9643.jpg
  2. Ii have the abbey in black and I absolutely LOVE it! The other bag is cute too, but the Abbey is AWESOME. The only difference I can think of - do you want an open purse at the top like the Abbey or a zipper closure like the 1st model? Decisions, decisions, decisions :smile:
  3. hey i totally agree with itsgood2beme!
    i have the abbey your looking at, the brown one and i ADORE this bag! i totally love it! i have got some pics of me carrying it however theyre too big to upload on here :sad: ill try take some more tonight but im in work in a hour and then i come home to watch the football sorry lol if you want to PM me your email addy ill send you them through email though!
    you wouldnt regret the abbey at all! im so glad i made the decision to buy it now, its brill :biggrin: and it keeps its shape too! something i didnt think it would do!
  4. i agree the abbey is pretty big. you gotta fill it with lot of stuff so the shape will be filled out, if not, it will look wrinkley and empty. Just my opinion, but I still love my abbey!!!!! if you want a more secure bag, i suggest the boston bag just because of its zipper.

    good luck with your decision!
  5. i prefer the abbey, can fit more things in and i like the shape
  6. I don't have either, but the shape of the abbey is more unique...
  7. I'm odd pf'er out.....out of those two my vote is for the first one!