Still Baffled - Help - Sap/apple/moss, Maroon/violet

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  1. hiya all. i am going to be a pest. looked through the leather ref section and am still baffled.

    in pic the above looked similar. can anybody describe in words what the differences are?

    maroon is more purple and violet has a hint of fuschia/magenta in it?
    sap green is lighter and brighter than apple green? and moss green?

  2. It's very important to remember that the same color name does not indicate the exact same color especially when it is used/released under different lines at different time (year/season).

    1. QUILTED Violet (Fall 05) is totally different from SOFT CALF Violet (pre-2004).
    2. SOFT CALF Apple Green (don't know if that's the official color name; if existed, it's pre-2004) is not the same as MIA Apple Green (Spring 06) nor URSULA (patent leather) Moss (Spring 06).
    3. Fall 05's SOFT CALF Amethyst doesn't look the same as Fall 06's SOFT CALF Amethyst, the same can be said of other repeated colors such as SOFT CALF Olive from Fall 05 & Resort 06, SOFT CALF Tapioca from Resort 04 and Resort 06, etc.
  3. moss green is specific for the patent leather, more of a bright green IMO... and I would say apple green is lighter and brighter than sap green. Sap green also has blue suede interior, which may or may not make a difference to you.

    Maroon is a dark burgundy almost purple color, and violet is much lighter... you are correct that it has a hint of fuschia to it.
  4. - SOFT CALF Apple Green (have to get official color name)
    eBay: MARC JACOBS LEATHER PURSE. MADE IN ITALY. (item 170058146360 end time Dec-17-06 15:30:00 PST)
    - SOFT CALF Sap Green
    eBay: Auth Marc Jacobs sap green leather Stella bag purse NR (item 140041649197 end time Oct-19-06 19:58:31 PDT)
    - SOFT CALF Maroon (color name does not depict actual color)
    eBay: Auth Marc Jacobs New Stella leather bag $975 NWT Maroon (item 250039169652 end time Oct-21-06 18:34:42 PDT)
    - SOFT CALF Violet
    eBay: MARC JACOBS MULTIPOCKET (item 290049682421 end time Nov-18-06 13:34:47 PST)
    - QUILTED Violet

    You are asking about that Apple Green Venetia right? I saw Sap Green styles at the boutiques, it doesn't look like that. I recommend emailing the boutiques (they still have some of those colors in stock) and ask them to take pictures of the items together, you can PM me for more contact info. You will be able to tell them apart right way; if you are still unsure, ask them which sent picture shows the real life color the best.