Still available?

  1. I recently fell in love with this bag :love:

    ...but I don't know the articelnumber or the Name of that beautyful bag :crybaby: I only know that it must be one of the fall 2006 collection.

    Does anybody soemthing about this bag?

    Would be great to have some more facts...:yes:
  2. I've seen something similar to this in the chanel boutique in Dubai, however, they were in patent leather. sorry I don't know the article number
  3. That is pretty, but can't help you. Hopefully someone else can, though.
  4. sorry, i've only seen the calfskin patent leather with contrast piping in store at the moment.
  5. I've seen them in Patent leather too but im not sure about availability now
  6. I posted in another thread that I almost bought this back in the summer in Venice. I hesitated and lost my opportunity, then couldn't find it in Paris or New York. It was around $2500 I think, but so unique and worth every penny. I am hoping they'll bring it back for s/s 2007, but not holding my breath. Moral of this story: If you see something you really like just buy it, otherwise the opportunity may not come around again. :sad:
  7. My NM had one last time I was there.
    LMK if you wnat my SA's info.
  8. No way! Too bad I just got the bowler and am on a purse ban until March :crybaby:Can you PM me your SAs info all the same? I didn't know stores still had these!
  9. That's sooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crybaby: Where is this thread with your story from venice? Would like to read it...
  10. Love this bag. I haven't seen IRL but hope they have them again.
  11. I've contacted the customerservice. They will do a search for me...hopefully successful....
  12. Well, I want to tell you something about this bag.

    Got answer from the Chanel customer service about few weeks. This bag is called "Precious crochette".

    It's from the spring collection 2006 and meanwhile sold out everywhere in europe, except Belgium. There was still one, size 225 (as on the picture). My SA from Chanel Düsseldorf ordered this bag for me from Chanel Belgium. Last week I got a call from the store and I went out to have a look.

    The bag is really really georgeous...BUT unfortunately it's too flat. :sad:

    So finally I chose the little east-west perfo bag. Although this one is a smaller size, the east-west has more "depth" to put some more thing into it.