Still Available on NM

  1. OOh, loves the Valentino!
  2. I agree. That camel Valentino is so cute!
  3. i agree!
    i wonder if the valentino will get marked down again...
  4. NM just did Last Call markdowns this AM. I bought a few things pre-sale already even though the SA wasn't supposed to do it until tomorrow. She is going to send my goodies next week.

    So, call an NM with SAs who tend to be helpful and you may just get lucky! Good luck...that bag is gorgeous IRL.
  5. great deals on the prada and dolce, just wish they were in different colors.
  6. awesome deals! the Prada bag is nice... but the color...hmmm. What color is CUOIO? it says brown but it looks orange on my monitor :s: