Still after it..


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Oct 1, 2008
I've also just posted this in 'authenticate this'..:

So I've been after the Prada fringe for too long now, and I've just been offered a second-hand ex-rental one from here (I've been told it's in amazing, near-new condition):

BUT is it just me or does the pictured bag look a lil sad?

Compared to the photo posted here a little while ago:

There are clearly 3 rows of fringing on either side of the handles (and the fringing just looks so much.. well, nicer) on the Purse Blog photo, while the 'Love me' site's one only has 2 rows?

Any help (or pointers to where I can finally buy a really real fringe bag) would be so appreciated!

Thanks guys! I can't wait to finally own this bag!