Still a little torn between two Epi bags...

  1. Passy PM and Segur PM.

    SORRY if I've been talking about it so much lately, I just can't stop THINKING about it! :hysteric:

    I am getting the Segur for sure, but I'm not sure if I should also get the Passy PM. NOW, step out of enablers role (of saying "Get both! Get both! :graucho:") and really give me an...unbiased (is that possible? :lol:) opinion.

    I'm 5'7" tall, small-medium size, usually dress casually (because of school) and normall wear smaller hand bags. I think my Batignolles reg. is the largest bag I have and it's the right size...I do believe the Passy PM to be a tad larger. I don't know, I love the cute little shape of the Segur and love how it looks on me (a small bag on a tall person is kind of cute!) but Nick thinks for my height the Passy PM may be better.

    What do you think? :s
  2. the passy is a little bigger than the bh so if that's the largest you want it's going to be too big. it's also not imo a casual bag. it seems slightly more formal to me. don't get me wrong i love it- more so than the segur but i think the segur is more your speed
  3. I really like the Segur. Seems more versatile and I loovve the harward choice. Would go nicley with an epi Koala wallet.:graucho:
  4. I LOVE the Segur and have never been a fasn of the Passy so I'll have to say pass on the passy :roflmfao:
  5. I like the Segur on you Karman it's a bit more casual. You'll probably get more use out of it.
  6. I don't think the Passy is that casual, especially for a student. I side with the Segur. :biggrin:
  7. OH! Another SA did comment that the Passy is a little more mature...

    Thanks for all the replies (so far)!
  8. I love the segur, I agree that a small bag on a tall person looks cuter.
  9. Passy is more suitable for work. So I think Segur is better for you!!
  10. Passy...
  11. Passy!!!!
  12. I think the segur would better fit your needs...but I'm more biased on the passy! Seriously, that bag is sooooo hot! But, if you're not into big bags...yes, just get the segur!
  13. I vote for the passy cuz I find the segur looks a lil like your jasmine.....(yes yes, I know there's the obvious buckle difference lol). I am so unbiased (ya right) lol:biggrin:
  14. tough choice... i think they are both great bags, but if i had to choose only one, i'd choose the segur

    i have a BH, and the passy is similar in shape... that's probably why i would pick the segur instead
  15. Karman, i tried both on the other day. The segur was cute but a bit small for me. But for you since you are a small bag kinda girl i guess its ok. BUT since you already have a jasmin I think the segur is kinda like the shape. the passy is gorgeous! not too big, not too small. handheld/shoulder (if i can get it on my shoulder, you should be able bigger than you). Its classy, it can take you anywhere- casual or corporate. IMO Passy all the way!!!!