Stilettos in the workplace ?!

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  1. I'm starting a new job tomorrow and I don't have any cute closed toed shoes. I know they all dress CASUAL there anyway, but I am going to be wearing a nice business casual outfit (nice top and short dressy pants)

    My only nice closed toed heels are actually kind of tall. But they're only a few inches with the slightest platform in the front. They're nice, my only problem is that I've never worn heels that high to the workplace before (mostly because I've always been standing and I know I will sit there!)

    I'm sorry I don't have a picture but they're just plain black and they're stilettos.

    What do you think, that should be fine right? As long as I can walk in them and they don't look trashy?? I just feel so uncomfortable because I never wear them to a workplace... I went out looking for shoes tonight but came up empty handed. I didn't even think to look before now.

    Thanks for your input!
  2. I work in a very very conservative corporate setting and I wear 4" heel stilettos all the time. With the proper suit, they are fine. Careful wearing them with skirts however, make sure the skirt is knee lenght or longer. Have a fun first day!!
  3. I think stilettos are appropriate for the workplace as long as you're not wearing a short skirt or fishnet stockings.
  4. high heels with pants are fine, dresses & skirts shouldn't have heels higher than 3" in my opinion (too much flesh on show!) if you say they are really simple then they shouldn't cause too much of a fuss
  5. keep in simple and classy and you'll be alright
  6. Just keep everything else understated.
  7. I agree. If they are simple and closed toe/heel they will look find for work.
  8. It depends on what you do at work and what the company is like. If you are in a traditional office type of setting, you should be fine.
  9. i wore stilettos when i used to work in an office. i usually wore them with a pencil skirt or pants. you should be ok with wearing them and not to mention that you'll look very stylish!
  10. Thanks so much!! I read these comments this morning before getting dressed... I wore my stilettos and enjoyed them very much, lol. They will be making many more appearances now that they've broken the ice-- I've never worn them to work, now I want to at my other job too!
  11. Very cool - glad they worked out!
  12. ditto.

    They're in style anyway so it's not like they're way out.
  13. I am a college professor and I wear stilettos to class. Students are always stunned the first day when I sit on the desk, cross my legs and my heels show. They then get used to them and even compliment them ("i never thought old professors wear those heels" i was told once ... i am 42 by the way).

    Hope your new job is going great!!! :tup: