stila smudge pots vs. other gel eyeliners

  1. i'm trying to decide if i want to order some smudge pots. i was wondering if anyone uses the smudge pots by stila. i love the bobbi brown gel eyeliners, but can't stand the smashbox cream eyeliners. the mac fluidline will be arriving on friday, i can't wait to try them. i was just wondering if the smudge pots are like the bobbi brown liners, or if it's more like the smashbox creme liners. the reason why i'm asking is because when i was at sephora the smudge pots seemed to have the same consistancy as the smashbox cream liners.
  2. I have a Stila Smudgepot in black and I honestly hate it. I think I've only used it 3-4 times. It's just really hard to apply and the end result isn't worth all the hassle and frustration IMO :shrugs:
  3. thanks. that's how i feel about the smashbox cream liners, maybe i'll just stick to the bobbi brown ones... since already know that i like them.
  4. I've used teh smudgepot a bit as well, and i'm not a huge fan. It seems to crumble, and wear off pretty easily:yucky:. I think MAC makes a similiar product that may be of better quality.!;)
  5. I could never get a clean line with the stila smudge pots. After trying it once, I gave mine to my BF. She loves them however, maybe I was just too impatient. But it felt much rougher going on than my BB gel lines. I use that eyeliner every single day. I love the way they stay on and the colors are really nice.
  6. thanks everyone!!! sound like the smudge pots are just like the smashbox liners... i'm gonna stick w/ the bobbi brown liners.