STILA sale - reviews?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone had received their items from the Stila sale yet? If so I'd love to hear your review of your purchases!

  2. I haven't even gotten a shipment confirmation yet =(
  3. ^^Me either - but my CC was charged - so I assume that means they had my items! humm....?
  4. i can never get in on the stila sales... grumble grumble
  5. Just got my shipment confirmation today!! yeah!! Unfortanetly, they said some of the items I"ve ordered aren't available!! that sucks!
  6. ^^Mine too. I wish they would have said what they didn't have though. I'm worried that i'll open the box and the things I really wanted won't be in there!

    Also strange: I made two orders - but I only got a shipping confirmation for the 2nd order I placed???
  7. Both of mine shipped already and they didn't say anything was out of stock in the shipment confirmation email. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it means everything is in there!
  8. YAY! I just check the website and it says my order shipped! Fingers crossed that everything is there...
  9. Must haves set - the eyeshadows are nice, the texture is very silky and smooth and goes on beautifully. I love the neutral colors and think they'll be great for everyday use! I didn't like IT gloss though - it was WAY too shimmery/glittery for my taste. And finally, the sample of the luminizer was wonderful! It adds a beautiful golden sheen and looks great as a highlighter on the cheekbones.

    Midnight Bloom lip gloss & roll on - the roll on smells like incense. Very heavy and exotic. I like light flowery scents so I wasn't a fan. The lip glaze is beautiful though! The shade is a muted pink with slight shimmer which looks very natural on me. I'm surprised by how small the amount of lip glaze in the package is though.

    Sakura cheek color - this thing is TINY! I thought it was a sample size at first. I seriously can't believe they would charge $20 for it regularly! MAC and Bobbi Brown offer much prettier blushes in greater quantities for that price so I definitely will not repurchase this.
  10. Kajal Eyeliner (Rose Quartz) - The color is so light, I can barely see it. I was hoping it would be a little bit more noticeable. Overall, I could use it when I want to look more "natural."

    Summer Lip Glaze (Daiquiri) - Nice color, it's like peach/pink and shimmery. However, it's kind of sticky at first. I got used to it and it lasts pretty long.

    And I got an eyeshadow set for a friend. :P
  11. DHL left a tag on my door yesterday so I will review my goodies tonight when I get home!!!! :smile:
  12. OK...
    So basically I only ordered a couple of things: summer lip glaze in daiquiri, and two sets of the moonlight bloom lip glaze/roll on perfume set.

    I am rather disappointed that the lip glaze really has no flavor or scent to it that I could tell. Other than that the consistency and color is very nice and it has lasted on my lips for over an hour so far. I like both colors equally although the daiquiri has more sparkles in it. It is also the newer, bigger tube than the summer bloom (the old small size).

    I like the scent of the perfume, my DH said that he normally doesn't like that 'style' of perfume smell but that one was VERY nice and on me especially. SO I think it depends on you. But the roll on container is great and the amount is very good considering it is EDP and not EDT.

    Overall pretty happy, this is my first Stila experience and I spent only 20 bucks LOL.

    But I think in the future I will stick to my Chanel lip gloss addiction.