Stila for Bebe palettes are $8.75 in store

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  1. I went into Bebe to check out the boyfriend jeans, and found the Stila for Bebe Palettes were on sale for $8.75. I passed on the jeans, but grabbed 4 of the palettes... Woohoo!




  2. Cool. Thanks for the information. I hope the Bebe here has them on sale also.
  3. You're so welcome-- It's a such a great deal too- three full sized eyeshadows and a convertible color for lips and cheeks in a cute refillable compact!
  4. i never go into bebe but that is a great deal, i'll def. wanna go check that out!
  5. I don't shop at bebe, but I may have to just to get some Stila for a good price. Those shadows look fun:graucho: