Stila Cosmetics - Up To 50% Off

  1. You couldn't PAY me to order from them again. I just settled my issues from the sale that happened in early December. It took 3 weeks to ship, they e-mailed me saying it shipped, my credit card was charged, and 2 weeks later, i still had nothing. It took 3 e-mails and 2 phone calls to finally get a response. They credited me back but lied on the phone message because in the very same message, the woman said "we're so sorry we were out of stock" and then babbled and then said "we can't believe DHL lost your package". So clearly, something's not adding up.
  2. oh thats horrible. luckily i didnt see anything i liked
  3. ^ Oh no! I just ordered 5 lippies and an eyeshadow before I saw this :s...
  4. good deals on some pallettes...i REALLY need to stop buying things I don't need though...however, they would make some great gifts... :rolleyes:
  5. Me too!! 77 bucks!
  6. Was bummed when I saw the sale notice in my email and I had just spent $100 at MAC earlier in the day, but now that I saw that, I'm glad I didn't order from Stila -I hate shipping issues.:cursing:
  7. I always order from Sephora for Stila
    here's a site with all the coupon codes for stores.

    If you do a phone order you can still use a promocode!
  8. I had no problem with the December sale. All of my stuff came, and I loved it.
  9. I just wanted to bump this thread to let you ladies know that the sale is still going on! I received my order today and everything is perfect! :tup:
  10. I ordered Friday, my order came today, and my stuff is perfect, too.
  11. same here...everything's all good...
  12. Thank you!
  13. THanks...I have always loved their blends so easily! Also, some of the best lip colors/glosses!
  14. I'm a HUGE stila fan, I actually collect some of their vintage harder to find items. Stila's tinted moisturizer is my HG summer foundation and I love, love, love creme bouquet. Thanks for the heads up!