STILA COSMETICS online warehouse sale 70% off!!!

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  1. Hi everybody! Just got this in an e-mail from my friend (sale starts in a few hours so get ready!!!):

    Hot sale coming up and you can do it in the comfort of your work space, home space. No standing in line for hours..

    The sale starts Monday at 12:01am, but we aren't sending out the promo email until 2pm Monday afternoon. So you have 14 hours to shop to your hearts content before the crowds get to it first. Everything will be 70% on all the products on the below link.

    Check here after 12:01am:<wbr>/special_vws_2007.asp?siteid<wbr>=vws to start shopping
  2. which time zone is this??
  3. ^ Great question.

    Stila's headquarters are in SoCal, so I'm assuming this is PST. Also, I just clicked on the link and the page is showing original prices...

    So maybe I *won't* get to bed early tonight... hmmm...
  4. yea, tell me so I know whether or not it's worth it to stay up another 25 mins.

    And thanks for this great info! Christmas came early!
  5. i think its up already~
  6. Is it up? I want try stilla so this is a good opportunity. However, I don't know the original prices.
  7. It's still retail prices. Let's wait
  8. Thank you Jaz:smile:
  9. you can look on sephora for retail prices.
  10. sorry!! I don't know which time zone b/c it didn't say in the e-mail, but I'm assuming it's pacific
  11. OMG - if the sale starts at 3am (east coast time) I HAVE to stay up! I adore Stila!

    Will the prices show the 70% off on the items or once they're in the cart. Someone post when the madness begins!!!
  12. Darn I WISH they're convertible color blushes or shimmers were on sale!
  13. I'm thinking it starts at PST?
  14. omg i totally have to wake up early for work tmw, but im staying up to catch this sale! :p
  15. Yay! I've been wanting to try Stila for awhile now...are the sale prices up yet ?