STILA Cosmetics - 20% off and Free Shipping through 10/30

  1. I received an email from an SA who sent me the following info, and mentioned something about a friendly competition between SAs:

    You are so lucky to know me, because thanks to my insider status you can use my Friends & Family Discount at for...

    20% OFF & FREE Shipping!
    (on an order of $40 or more)

    How does it work? It's easy, just shop for all the makeup you've been craving, and when you get to checkout simply enter the special coupon code below:


    (by the way, you can use it more than one time and it will expire OCT. 30th)
  2. I'm about to use it now so, fingers crossed!

    Also received an email for a free Convertible Color Duo ($20 value) on a purchase of $75+, though it said it's not valid with any other promotions (like the 20% off and free shipping). Enter code: CCFREE
  3. Wow! That's a great deal! :tup: Thanks for sharing!
  4. ^ You're welcome!

    CARLABFF and CCFREE both work, but not together. has a cool feature where it'll tell if the code is valid as you're typing it in! Neato!

    Happy Shopping - their new holiday palettes have come out and I just bought one!
  5. Thank you! I will have to go and check out what they have.
  6. No problem! :tup:

    BUMP for the last day!