stila cherry lip stain

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  1. any good?
  2. bump ... had the same question? and if not any suggestions for a good one?
  3. it's not my favorite it seemed to take longer to dry on my lips and when I used it for my cheeks it never really seemed to dry and was little bit more difficult to apply then I'm used to but maybe I was doing it wrong. :smile: for lip stains I would rather use vincent longo or benetint and for cheeks I like vincent longo or tart
  4. I use Benetint SPF 15 lip balm, but my all time favorite is...

    Smashbox O-Glow, use the one for lips., search on "smashbox o-glow"
  5. Stila makes pretty lip products, but they are all so sticky!! MAC has some pretty sticky glosses too, but that never stopped me-So I will try some more Stila in the future. If I get this, I will be sure to review.
  6. I have the benefit one and love it.
  7. I bought it and used it once. I did not like the color on me at all. It didn't look "cherry" red. More orangy-red.
  8. I haven't tried the one you're talking about, but I recently tried L'Oreal's Infallible Never Fail Lipstick and cannot say enough good things about it. The color choices are terrific and it stays PUT, literally ALL DAY through teeth brushings, eating, napkin swipes, drinking a variety of beverages (even wine...won't stick to the wine glass), kissing, you name stays on until you remove it at night (I use baby oil). I do touch up with the moisturizer that comes with it and add a bit of nude lip liner once during the day. I will never be without this stuff! Finally, something that actually does what it claims to do....and if they discontinue it I will SCREAM! LOL!!!{nav|media:_blank|overlay:Productdetail//objectid+Cos21f_4//|diagnostic|main:brandpage:infallible|userdata//d+d//}
  9. I was actually wondering the same thing. I attempted to try some on at Sephora but couldn't get enough product on their stupid tester swabs for it to be noticeable :Push:
  10. Not really a big fan. It seems to dry streaky and looks rather unnatural. Could be the way I apply it, but I have been playing around with this ever since I bought it and have't once been pleased with the results. Sorry I don't really have any suggestions, I have yet to find a stain I really like.
  11. Urban Decay and Hard Candy make lip stains that I like a lot better. I use one or the other every day.