Stila at Costco - eyeshadows and lipglosses!

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  1. Costco has 2 new Stila deals. The 2 lip glosses and 1 lip glaze for $9.49! That's less than Maybelline! Then a package of 6 eyeshadows for $16.99. :tup::tup:

    My local Costco also had MAC blushes and the designer perfumes- I spied Issey Miyake, Vera Wang Princess, and Burberry Brit. I had read some people found MJ Daisy and Flowerbomb, but I couldn't find them at mine


  2. oh, wow! thanks for the info. I got the stila 4 eyeshadow with a palette and brushes few months ago but now I'm tempted to get the shadows again! must go and check them out! thanks again! :tup:
    Oh, I live in northridge, california and I've seen MJ Daisy, burberry brit, and vera wang princess at my local costco.
  3. Wow, I love Stila. Must check it out. Thanks!!
  4. wow i am so jealous we don't get these type of things in canadians costcos!
  5. OMG, I live in Northridge too! Do you know if they have the Stila stuff at the Northridge Costco?
  6. well, Hello!! :smile:
    Last week, they still had them in stock. I'm not so sure about now tho. But since I'm going there tomorrow, I'll let you know. :]
  7. NM. I went after work and they still have them. Awesome deal. Some of the colors are not the greatest but can't complain for 16 bucks.
  8. The store in Kirkland, WA had a lot of these when I went on Wednesday

    I can't believe people are re-selling the eyeshadow sets on ebay for $60!!
  9. Hey no fair! I went to costco today and another yesturday and didn't see any of the Stila stuff. But did see the MAC blush at south San Francisco Costco. But nothing is at the Airport one. :tdown:
  10. Miyoshi637 the costco which you mentioned closest to the airport is it the one nearest to Millbrae? I'm hoping they have the stila sets there:smile:
  11. Yup the one near Millbrae/ San Bruno, I was just there today... They did have $89.50 Calvin Klein jeans for $24.99 though! I had to get a pair.
  12. I went to my Costco today to see if they had any of the Stila sets and all they had was the older set with 2 eyeshadows and a lip gloss (maybe a mascara too, I don't remember). I would LOVE to see the 6 eyeshadows for $17! I want like 3 of those shadows and was going to pay the $20 each for them at Ulta tomorrow. I sooooo hope that my Costco gets would seriouslly make my day!
  13. Thanks - I'll have to check it out when I go to my Costco tomorrow -hope they have the new ones - I got the last Stila one w/ the eyeshadow/lipgloss
  14. has anyone bothered looking? i'm going to try to go with my bf's mother this weekend when they're in town for his birthday. i'm mostly on the hunt for flowerbomb, but heck, i'd take a few stila goodies as well.
  15. I went to check today and I didn't see them!!! :crybaby: