Stiff Zipper??

  1. I just got my Bella, and the zippers on the front are a little hard to open. Any suggestions??
  2. I read somewhere to spray a little bit of WD40 on a Q-tip, then run it on the metal part to lubricate it. I have never try it myself because I never zip my bags.
    Try not to get it on the fabric because i don't know what WD40 will do to fabric.
    Hope it works!
  3. I've used a tiny bit of WD-40 on a q-tip and gently put it on the zipper. The zippers run smoothly after that.
  4. Yep WD-40 works wonders. I usually dab a bit on my finger tips and massage it into the zipper, but a q-tip would work well too. I had to do that with my Pirata and L'Amore bags. Those were some of the stiffest zippers ever. :push:
  5. i used wd40 no mess pen that i bought at home depot on my l'amore campeggio and it was PERFECT. i just went really slow and took my time.

  6. ooo that's a cool pen. When i was little I'd always have to use the WD-40 and it was messy/stinky/fume-y hahaha
  7. Thanks, I'll get some WD-40 while Im out buying scotchguard for my purses this weekend.:tup:
  8. Thanks for the pointers. I am experiencing that problem w/ a new Famiglia bv. It can be a real pain! This should solve it.