Stiff scarf.....?

  1. So, I just got my beautiful "Pavements" scarf and I love it! The colors are great, the scarf is in perfect condition, it came all wonderfully packaged......but it's super STIFF! :oh:

    How does a scarf get this stiff and what do I do about getting it UN-stiff?

    ....I mean this baby is STIFF! :shocked:
  2. Oy. That sounds weird. Perhaps you could steam it? Or take it to a dry cleaners to inquire what they suggest? Clueless though.
  3. hmmmmmm.....maybe I could just hang it in the bathroom while I take a shower?

    ....never saw such a stiff scarf..............
  4. I wonder if they had it dry cleaned and then pressed with starch?

    ....this may be a job for the local cleaners......I'd like to wear the thing but it's like trying to tie cardboard.
  5. That could work! I have never heard of a stiff scarf unless it has either cotton or linen. Silk scarves usually stay supple and soft. But you never know. It could have gone through a washing machine or something and poof! Steam usually softens the fabric- if not, take it to your dry cleaner and ask them for advice.
  6. I would kill hte dry cleaner that used starch on silk! Off with their heads!
  7. frame it? need for a frame, just stick it to the wall........LMAO!!!!!

    Sorry D.......I reckon lightly steam it first, tell us what happens............
  8. Like trying to tie cardboard?:sweatdrop: Oi ... that IS stiff ...
  9. K.....:roflmfao: :roflmfao: I actually thought of just sticking it to the wall with duct tape!

    Jeez......well, we'll see what happens when the steam hits it.
  10. No....I'm telling ya Kou....this thing could stand on its own.
  11. LoL ^^^^,
    sorry shopmom, steam it, - I think that will work.
  12. Yikes!! Somebody did something to the scarf all right. Definitely try to steam it first. When all fails, stick it to the wall!:yahoo:
  13. Hmmmm, for a moment, I thought it might have been one of the waterproof ones. But I think this was too long ago, this scarf was issued in 1970.
  14. No re-issues HG?

    I'm thinking the seller had it dry cleaned and then they used starch to press it. Hems are nice and plump but the creases were really creased.
  15. I checked my scarf database, please don't laugh, but yes, I have access to one. And it's fairly accurate. But I don't see any dates of reissue.