stiff mini mac?

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  1. So I bought a red mini mac with rose hold hardwear in spring, and when I first received it it just didn't feel right to me. the chain felt cheap and the leather was so stiff. I own a 5 Zip Rocker and the leather is buttery and squishy and the hardwear heavy. Its a beautiful bag and is aging nicely. The mini mac however isn't. The corners of the bag are wearing where the piping is and its still stiff. I'm starting to think I bought a fake. Can any of you assure me that this is normal for the mini macs?
  2. Post pics? I am no expert but I bet someone can help you here.

    Leather and structure of RM bags vary quite a they don't all "wear" the same over time.

    Where did you buy it from? That info with some pics and I'm sure someone can give you an answer.
  3. I honestly dont think RM is at a level where it would be counterfeited.
  4. There have been fakes that have popped up before I believe.
  5. I would assume it is real I also do not think they are making replica rebecca minkoff. I have seen different thickness in her leather before on some bag
  6. my eggplant mac is pretty stiff compared to ther other 3 I have. I know for a fact mine is authentic. So its possible. Your best bet is to post a pic and the minkoff experts can probably figure it out.
  7. there are very few fakes made but its possible. where did you buy it? also, can you post photos?