Stiff leathers ~ bent lines!?!

  1. What happens if you should accidentally sit or rest against stiff leather bags made in box, chamonix or vache liegee? I am assuming when you bring your lovely 'companion' out dining, it gets its own deserving seat at the table? But if you really need to place it behind it, and against your bump, do you know if it will stress the leather and give it bent lines?

    Nothing like this has happened to my vache liegee yet (it's still in the box) but when I was getting to know my bag this morning, I found it so much harder to open and close the flap and fastening the straps. And at one point, I used more pressure on pushing the flap down around the guides that I caused a bent on the front panel, but only just a little. It looks like it has a bit of an imprint there. I guess if I try to bump it up from the inside, it should be rectified. I hope someone knows what I am talking about.

    Do vintage box calf leather Birkins or Kellys have many bent or age lines????
  2. What an interesting question:smile: I don't know the answer, as I have very little vintage experience. I do have an early '90s mini Kelly but she's of rigid construction and has no wrinkles ( wish*I* were of rigid construction:lol: )

    Anyway, I feel that box leather's greatest concern would be of marks on the surface and drying out....a long way down the road. And, thus, the reason for periodic conditioning to the leather.

    One thought about where to place your lovely companion at I often have the same delima....I purchased a pursehook holder from a lovely person and place it on the table and hang my bag underneath right beside me when the occasion warrants. Otherwise, she sits in the chair beside me. If you would like the name of the seller, please pm me as she makes these herself with her own designs and they are lovely and inexpensive.
  3. I do not think it would cause any damage if you leaned on it slightly... it would take quite a bit of pressure to mark the leather. Leather normally bounces back its shape... except when there's been a sharp or blunt object pressed against it for a period. I am not as concerned about a body part as I would a metal object coming up against the leather. I would be very concerned if a door closed on it, or I found it had been resting on my hairclips (which happened on a non-H item). :crybaby:
  4. from what i've seen of vintage box, it seems to soften and have give over time. is this caused from people sitting on it? lol
  5. Mrssparkles don't worry, the leather will "loosen" up a litle by time. Mine has loosened a little bit already and it is easier for me to close the flaps. When I first got the back it was an ordeal getting the stiff leather closed. I finally got my SO to do it since he is more "mechanical" with these things with me screeching at him at every turn not to ruin the bag.
  6. LOL, that sounds like something *I* would do. My dh would probably refuse to touch it, only because he's knows what a dra-gooon :hysteric: I am and (he) would freak if he scratched something...