stiff leather

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  1. I just received my mini Nikki and I love it. It was delivered by UPS this evening when the weather was in the low teens -- now to my question. I am hoping that this black leather gets smooshier the more I use it, but until then how can I make it a little more pliable. The bag is stiff as an ironing board -- I have never had leather like this and I am hoping it was due to the fact it spent most of the day on that UPS truck in freezing temps. Any and all help would be much appreciated -- thank you ladies :biggrin:
  2. What's the name of the color? If it's black haze, it's gonna take some breaking in...
  3. It's called Ebony and I purchased from Nordstrom
  4. You could put some books in it and hang it from a doorknob. Basically put some tension on it to help make it more pliable. It should take a few minutes, but eventually it will puddle.
  5. thnx -- I have it hanging as we speak -- put some Apple leather conditioner on it and will try the books. I'm wearing her out tomorrow so we shall see.:smile:
  6. Ebony should break in with use. A lot of bags are stiff at first, unless they are lambskin.
  7. Yes Ebony will break in with use. I have it in a Darling & while it is stiff when I got it, it starts to break in with one use. Some parts are getting rather soft. I don't use all my bags all the time so the breaking in process is always slower for my bags.
  8. Ebony is a stiff leather, although I think it's a durable leather. My Loveletter Satchel is Ebony and it takes a bit of using to break in. Good luck!!
  9. Thanks for the positive feedback -- I am spoiled by my Balenciagas with their soft, broken in leather -- although the other 2 RM bags I have weren't as stiff when I got them. I am using the bag today and will probably stick with it until it gets softer. I really like the style of the mini Nikki and it will be a welcome addition to my collection. :biggrin:
  10. ^^ RMs are hardier leathers than Bals, so at least you won't have to baby the bag as much!
  11. I received my Nikki in Cardinal the other day and at first I thougt it was due to the cold weather but it is still really stiff, although I really love the color. Anybody else have it?
  12. Yeah with my Bals I am always watching where I put them and making sure I don't scratch them. RM bags are great and I love all 3 of them -- the leather will break in eventually -- they do take a beating and come out looking great. My mini Nikki is hanging on the doorknob stuffed with books -- hope this works!
  13. Stuff your bag and use the hell out of it :biggrin:
  14. Will do -- using it now!! :biggrin:
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