Stiff Handles

  1. Has anyone had a one of the bags (like the satchels) with the hard formed handles? I was just wondering if they soften up over time. I know they are a molded type handle but boy are they stiff!!
  2. I'm not sure what part you are referring to is stiff but will hopefully answer with this.

    When I got my '05 Hamptons carryall I noticed the hadles themselves were stiff and didn't give. I also noticed that the handles didn't move freely in the hardware attached to the bag. The moulded handle does relax a bit in the stiffness but still maintains it's curved shape. The handle hardware certainly loosened up so that the handles move freely in the hardware and can be folded down towards the bag.

    My only complaint about these handles is the comfort on the shoulder. Because they are rounded (barrel) and not flat they tend to dig into your shoulder after a while. I have the largest of the style bag so maybe I just pile too much into it.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Yes, that helped. Thats exactly what I am talking about. I just dont know how well I will like this over time. I am considering taking my satchel back and getting the signature stripe shoulder tote. Ugh... I just cant make up my mind.
  4. they definitely loosen up, but they always maintain their shape. i mean, they never get floppy!
  5. I have the 2005 Hampton's Carryall too and the thing I hate about it is that it my handles are still so stiff after wearing it for a year and a couple of months , that I decided to stash it into it's box and the closet again. :sad:
  6. Oh, thats what I was afraid of. I took mine back today and got the patent gallery tote instead. DH got me the patent wristlet for christmas and I have been hunting the tote ever since. I got lucky as the sa said they just got this one in. I am love love lovin it!! I have the black on black gallery tote from last year and it is one of my favorites :love: