Stiddy broke his leg ??

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  1. OMG I am so upset ,, my baby chihuhahua stitch has broken his little leg. He was playing with his brother and I heard him screaming ... took him to the vet and they say that he has a crack down his thigh ..... I have insurance for him but the bill stands at about $500:huh: so far and I still have to take him to a speacialist. I have to pay for him upfront so now I am so broke .. :yucky::rant: and he keeps crying .. my poor baby .. They also told me at the vet he may have a permanent limp as he is still very young and therefore the brake may affect his growth ... :sad: I am so upset and feel so guilty.

    Here is a pic of my little guy

  2. Oh, poor baby! :cry: I know it is horrible to see them in pain, my dog had to have an operation on her leg not so long ago and she has a slight limp now, but all you can do is comfort them and give them lots of love. Hopefully, Stiddy wont have a limp though. I really do feel for you and stiddy because I know how awful it is to see them suffering when you feel so helpless. He really is one beautiful doggy by the way! :heart:

    I really, really hope that Stiddy makes a good recovery. He is in my thoughts. xx
  3. I am sooooo sorry! I hope that they are able to repair Stiddy's leg and that he has minimal discomfort later on. I am sure that they will do everything they can for him.....
    my dog is like my kid, so I can totally sympathize and understand how you feel.
    Just be there for him, give him love, and he'll get through everything OK!!!
  4. Aaaaaw, poor Stiddy :sad: I hope everything works out fine with the operation, he's just so cute! I wish him all well.
  5. Stiddy is too cute, and he looks so happy posing beside that paddington. I hope that he gets better soon, he deserves it, he's sooooo cute!
  6. I'm so sorry about your Stiddy! I hope they're able to repair everything well enough so it doesnt affect him later in life. I know it'll add up, but I am sure the end result will be worth it! You're talking to the girl that spent $200 on medical bills for a free dwarf hamster, lol, so I don't like to see any animal suffer! Good luck with everything!
  7. that is really sad. i'm so sorry! your dog is way too cute. poor thing. give him lots of treats.
  8. Awww poor little Stiddy. :sad: I hope he feels better. He's gorgeous though!
  9. So sorry! I have 2 dogs too, so I know how you must feel! Do chihuahua's have unusually thin legbones? Hopefully, all will heal well.
  10. Poor little Stiddy will be just fine. Dogs are not sensitive to shortcomings like we people are. You will notice if he limps, but he probably won't notice at all.

    Did anybody wee the dog with no front legs on Oprah last week? That was a happy animal! She doesn't know that she has anything wrong with her. :P
  11. Stiddy looks so cute. Here's wishing the little fella a speedy recovery!
  12. aww stiddy is really cute! he will get better =D
  13. Awwwh I'm so sorry to hear about your adorable pooch.

    My Franklin had leg surgery on both front legs when he was 6 months, while he limped both times and they said he might not walk right now he's back to new.

    I think with younger puppies their bones heal well and they can teach themselves again to walk right. Franklin went on short walks and limped a bit (which passerbys would say "You're dog's limping" like I was responsible for the action!!).

    I hope your pup recovers just as well!

    Those vet bills kill. I've had a 2k one... that one HURT!
  14. I have a toy breed too and the first year of their lives you have to be soooo careful! My dog liked to jump off furniture and just get wild running around and I was always so scared she'd break her leg. She only weighed one pound when we got her! I know of two other people with dogs like mine and their dogs had broken legs in the first year too. Neither of them have a limp so I think your baby will be all right! One of my friends had vet bills of $2500+ so I think you're lucky! Your baby will be all right I think, just give him lots of TLC!!
  15. That's such an adorable dog! Take good care!