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  1. does anyone know what they use to attach our Birkin/Kelly bag hardware? do they ever use some sort of sticky solution? dare i say glue or something like that which is clear, aside from the pearling?
    Because today i was cleaning the hardware on my bags with an eyeglass cloth and i saw something tiny and white-sh sticking out under the hardware on one strap on my Birkin. i thought it was lint or something, but it wouldnt budge. i kept scratching at it gently and it started stretching like something sticky would do. i kept pulling at it and saw it stretch a bit. i immediately dug my fingernail under the other straps hardware and found similar. and also a little on the top of the hardware that has the turn knob on it. its not coated in it or anything, but there is a tiny amount there.
    i tried with the grey Kelly and lo and behold, same thing, except this time instead of white it is a bit greenish, like discolored.
    here's a pic:
    see the top of the hardware under the stamping?

    you can also see a tiny bit of it here too:
    to your left it is right on top of the hardware.

    so, my question is what is that stuff and have you ever noticed it before? i know that glue is not supposed to be a part of H bags. but how do you explain finding this sticky substance under the hardware on two different H bags?

    i thought maybe the sticky glue from the plastic covers might've done this? but i havent kept them on for a long time. :confused1: ideas? PM me if you'd like.
  2. OMG, clear sign of a fake!!! YIKES!!!
  3. Croissant, my first thought was that tho the hardware is attached by pearling, that perhaps since it is only attached in four places that the plate has the sticky stuff behind it to keep it attached firmly to the leather and to keep the leather up against the metal h/w so nothing will slip inbetween it.

    I said all this awkwardly but I'm hoping I made sense:confused1:
  4. Rose, let's get Croissant to send these "fakes" to us!!
  5. :noggin: go check your Kelly for me before i do this to you in person! :p
  6. Hmmm, the Medor clutch hardware was not glued on when I played with it. It is clearly pearled down.
  7. yep you totally make sense! that is a good response. now if only someone would check and report back that they too touched something a bit sticky i would feel very happy in my heart ahaha :balloon::balloon: like these balloons my spirits would soar
  8. HG, they're all pearled but I think C means that hers has the additional "stuff" behind the h/w too.
  9. OK, I'll go see if I can find some sticky:p
  10. yeah this wouldn't be a big glue situation. its not obvious, but there is something there. and on two bags. and the Kelly's sticky-whatever-it-is has even discoloured over time. it is so subtle you cannot see it unless you're really looking up very closely at the hardware and looking for it.
  11. Just checked my Lindy and Gold Togo Birkin. No sticky.
  12. :roflmfao: How about I check my BIRKIN?
  13. OK, C.....I got out my Kelly in clemence and did not find anything. In fact, I gently pulled at both the belt hardware and the metal piece on the front of the bag that has the turnkey. Behind the metal is leather with no sticky, that I can see.

    BUT somewhere in my mind....:idea: I seem to remember getting a new bag and find plastic around the front metal plate attached to the bag.

    Am I dreaming here? A little bit of plastic around the square metal piece....???

    Now I'm confused....I get this way occasionally.
  14. hmm...i know im not imagining it. especially since its on two bags. it is just a tiny little amount. it feels a little squishy and i only find it on one side, not thruhought the entire line of the hardware.
  15. yeah i definitely feel the leather too. but what is that tiny sticky thing?
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