Sticky Zippers!!!

  1. Question (especially for those with the quilted bags):

    Do you find any of your bags' zippers to be sticky or hard to pull open? I just bought a quilted tote and banana hobo from the Purse Store in Maryland. the zippers on both bags are hard to pull open. For the price of these bags, you'd figure that they'd open smoothly.

    My Daria doesn't do this, so I'm wondering if its maybe something that happens with the newer collections.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I think it depends on the zipper type. I find that Lampo zippers are a lot smoother than Riri. Here's a similar thread: difficult zipper
  3. Thanks so much, Melly. I checked the zippers and they are Riri. I'll also check the thread you linked to, thanks!
  4. i know exactly what you mean! it is an ordeal to get my venetia to open. it has riri zippers too. at least it'll make it difficult for thieves who tries to unzip my bag without me knowing...
  5. Have you tried waxing the zipper?
  6. No, but that's a great suggestion. I'll try that as well as some of the other tips I gleaned off of the thread Melly linked to.

    I guess my reason for posting is to see if people who bought their bags from authorized retailers have experienced this problem. I got mine from the Purse Store, which I've heard good things about and they claim they're authorized. But when I had the problem with my zippers, it made me worried.
  7. my venetia is hard to zip and unzip too. I just got my stella and i don't really zip it much (my venetia either) but when i need to get something out of the front zip pocket on my stella i have to hold that lil tap thing. the first time i unzipped it I was like OHH thats why those lil things are there! lol

    but both are riri zippers..

  8. when putting soap or wax on the zipper, do they mean but it on the 'teeth' of the zipper? or where exactly?
  9. I always thought the teeth.... esp in the problem areas.
  10. Thanks, everyone. That's helpful to know. Its eased my concerns a bit.

    On another note, has this made anyone slightly less in love with Marc Jacobs bags? I used to buy Louis Vuittons, and can never remember this happening with any of my LV bags. For the price you're paying, you'd think MJ's would unzip like a hot knife through butter...
  11. umm..i wish it did..LOL, but i still love them just the same! :yes:
  12. Oh! BWT, congrats on your new bags! I love the banana hobo.
  13. Thanks, thithi!!!! I've been mentally pairing them with different outfits ever since they've arrived! LOL
  14. I find the zippers on my Sophia stick a bit-it annoys me too-for what the bag cost-it should slide open itself!
  15. haha nishi!! like magic right??!:roflmfao:

    i just wanted to let the op know that i recently got a trish and the zipper was crazy rough to open... i used some wax on the teeth like fashion16 and it worked like a charm!

    good luck and thanks fashion16!!