Sticky Zipper.....

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  1. Hi everyone..

    I recently got myself a Coach Groovy in the Lurex Silver and Black Signature..

    Love this little bag.. but the zipper tends to stick a bit.. sometimes it is hard to open or close (especially close).. Seems worse when out in the cold..

    Any thoughts, ideas to remedy this? I thought I had heard once, about rubbing soap on the zipper???


  2. I think I heard soap or maybe a tiny amount of vaseline? I could be mistaken though.
  3. wax paper...
  4. Hi Tammy -

    I have never had this issue but I hear there are sprays for stick zippers..

    I would be careful that the zipper issue does not damage the matteral in that area..
  5. I thought wax paper helped?
  6. I recently used wax paper on one of my poppy bags, could be very hard to zip from time to time and it fixed it right up!! :smile:
    Check to make sure all the zipper teeth are straight I have seen that happen sometimes too, if thats the case the wax paper won't help!
  7. This is interesting! What do you do with the wax paper exactly? Rub it on the zipper teeth? Sorry if that's a silly question.
  8. just tear off a small piece and grip the zipper side in it like a c shape and rub back and forth both sides of the zipper then I zip it and run the paper on the closed zipper as well works great.
  9. I have the same problem with my Groovy! I know it's a pain, but I just make sure that the teeth are straight or aligned before I zip it closed.
  10. Exactly what I do too and it has worked great so far! :biggrin:
  11. A Coach SA once told me that you should rub a number 2 pencil over the zipper :nuts:. She swore this was standard Coach protocol for a sticky zipper. She did it to a bag I was about to purchase. It seemed to help, but i ended up not purchasing the bag.
  12. My Glam Tote does the same thing! I think the zippers are cheaper on the Poppy bags :sad:
  13. That is funny... I was just in the Coach store the other day and 2 SA's were fussing with a zipper on a woman's bag that she had brought in and they were telling her to try candle wax and the customer said "what do you mean, melt it on there?" (OMG nooooooo lady!!) and they said to just rub it over the zipper. Never tried it but sounds like it might work... but I think I would be afraid of getting wax on my bag. Anyway that was their recommendation. Just a thought.
  14. I have been told it has to do w/ the way the zippers are sewn ... they are sewn flat together but pointing up ... I know that isn't making sense

    But you have to play w/ them a bit to get the zipper to lay flat
  15. This happened to my poppy fact, the pull tag broke off and I had to send my bag back to Coach where they very gladly replaced my bag. My new one (the replaced one) doesn't seem to have any problems with the zipper at all. So, my advice? Keep a close eye on it and don't be afraid to return it and have it replaced!