Sticky zipper fix?

  1. Anyone have a tip on how to loosen up a zipper. My Micheal Kors Astor bag has those double zippers and they are very tight and hard to pull easily.

    My husband says to use the oil that I use to lubricate my dog's grooming blades. Sounds plausable but I am afraid I would get it on the leather. Someone at work told me candle wax. How I would do that I have no idea. Anyone have an easy fix.
  2. I second your coworker! I've used corners of small candles and rubbed onto really tight zippers before - mainly on jeans not bags thou. no spills since you don't have to melt it.
    Good luck!
  3. My astor was also kind of sticky. Get a stick of clear chapstick. Works like a charm. ;)
  4. Candle wax works like a charm, just use white or clear ones to be on the safe side
  5. Thanks guys! That's a much better plan (and safer too) than the dog clipper oil. Only candles I have right now are colored, and I won't take my husbands current lip balm so I'll get a stick tomorrow and let you know how it worked.
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