Sticky Zipper!any advice

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  1. I just purchased the signature Hamptons satchel with 2 zipper closure. 1 zipper is a little sticky! Any Advice on how to loosen it up! Thanks alot!
  2. Hmmm, sticky? You might want to rub a little Goo-Gone on it with a q-tip, but be careful not to get it on the actual bag.
  3. Have you brought it in the store? If there are not others like it they might send it for repair.
  4. WAX.. zipper wax is available made to be clear and not rub off on other items.. I'm surprised no one has posted about it - it's great for dresses, no residue what so ever. I have it on hand for my dresses and convertible top (I have a zip out rear window) - you can get it at the craft store or fabric shop for maybe $2 or just a white one probably would work too
  5. This is why I love the internet :biggrin: I've never heard of that before. Who knew? My first thought was "WD-40...but OMG be careful." It's good smart crafty folks came up with something better.
  6. I've actually tried a similar thing... but candle wax (not when its hot), but just a regular dining candle and rubbed it on the zipper... makes it easier to zip... got it from my mom :tup:
  7. I've never heard of using wax, how clever!
  8. Pure genious! I'm getting some of this!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting! :smile::tup:
  9. Great Idea!! I have a rag shop near me and I will see if they carry the wax for zippers. Thanks so much for all the advice.
  10. I have also heard if you run a bar of soap (dry) along the zipper
  11. The dry cleaners used to give out little crayons of wax for zippers. Glad I'm not the only one old enough to remember to use wax!