Sticky Situation

  1. I was at a family gathering this Saturday, and one of my mom's cousins was talking about how she bought her daughter a gucci horsebit hobo off ebay for 80 dollars and it was real! :suspiciou My mom, being the hand-bag guru she is (thanks to me :biggrin: ) was very wary and called me over immediately to see what I thought. I told the lady that over 90% of that style of bags on ebay are fakes...and that she should really look into checking the authenticity...but she was soo sure that she had gotten the real deal...I feel like she thinks im arrogant now:sad: ...was i wrong in looking out for her?

    80 dollars for a fake isnt too bad since alot of fakes on ebay go for a lot more than that..but it is still supporting the counterfeit business, right?
  2. 80 bucks on a bag that is supporting the counterfeit business is way to much. I don't think you were wrong at all. Good for you for speaking up.
  3. NOPE .......u told her the truth
  4. Plus, your mom asked you into the conversation. It's not like you were "ugh, that is like, totally, fake, like duh" from outta the blue.

    If she thinks you're arrogant for looking out for her, then she's the one that has issues.
  5. Sometimes its best to just not make a point out of telling people their bag is fake. :smile:

    Personally, I would have just been like, I'm sure it's fine, and let them enjoy their purchase.

    buuut, I'm sure you're not arrogant at all, and hopefully they'll realize you were just looking out for them.
  6. If someone asked my opinion, I would be totally honest. So I think you handled it well!
  7. If asked, I think that it's important that the truth be told. Think of it this way, what if her daughter decides down the road that she wants to sell the bag for some extra cash ... she puts it up on eBay indicating that it's "authentic" ... someone wins the auction and 'lo and behold ... it's FAKE!!! The point I'm trying to make here, is that by not telling her, you could be propagating a lie ... and it has potential ramifications. Now, I know that some folks can't afford the real stuff (heck, I've been there too), but either save up or decide on something else that's more in your price range. We should all fight to stop the FAKES ... ultimately, it hurts us all!
  8. Yah, it's good that you told her the truth. So if she's to purchase another item from Ebay, she'll be more careful.
  9. I think you did the right thing. You were asked for an opinion, and you told her what you knew. A lot of people are not aware that fakes even existed. To be honest, I didn't either until I encounter my first fake a few years ago.
  10. How true!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how many people don't know about the whole 'fake handbag' business! Even my husband knows now ... actually, it's kind of funny when we are out somewhere (dinner or something) and he asks me "honey, do you think that's fake ..." while pointing to someone's bag!!! I don't know how many times I've said "H/B ... use your 'inside' voice!".
  11. Really well said Ceejay. :biggrin:
  12. The truth can hurt... but as long as you say it nicely, which you sound like you did, then it is no big deal. Some people are just not aware of the fakes out there- so it is good you let them know!
  13. I don't think it was wrong to pass on your knowledge.

    It's all in how you phrase things. Prefacing it by saying "I'm no expert on Gucci, but I've read that (most popular styles on ebay are faked) (... just in case, I'd check out the authenticity because fakes are often so good nowadays) etc. etc." often really helps.

    (And I'm definitely not a Gucci expert, so I could say this with complete honesty!).

    It really depends on the person you are talking to. Some people are so nice and unstuffy themselves -- they really don't feel as though a person telling them this is being arrogant. Others are a bit stiffer, or more insecure, and take offence more quickly -- take themselves more seriously.
  14. :lol: :lol: LOL!!! My husband does the same thing! He'll also say things like "I can't believe she's wearing those shoes with THAT!" or "Those are some baaaaaaaad mom jeans" because he's heard me say something similar. My favorite was the time he saw a rather large woman wearing camouflage and he said, "she's not hiding ANYTHING!" Of course, he always says it much TOO loudly!
  15. I think you handled it appropriately- especially by saying the majority of bags on ebay is fake.