sticky question - give your input

  1. I notice that there's TONS of threads about eBay in here, much like the LV Forum once had.
    Think we should make a "Fakes and Questionable eBay Auctions" sticky to keep this Forum less cluttered?
  2. Yes yes yes! :yes:
  3. :yes:
  4. isn't that the same as "Authenticate this?"
  5. no. It wouldn't be for questions. . . but like all the "OMG!!! Look at this horrible sellers!" or
    "Someone stole our pics on eBay!"
  6. it would point out the fakes, not question IF they were fake or not.
  7. OH! sorry. its hot. and I'm slow.
  8. Fabulous idea Swanky!
  9. Great idea! And what about a corresponding one, for "good" auctions (PR auctions, rare colors,etc.) ? Lots of threads are started on this, as well.
  10. This would be great :yes: Good idea Swanky :flowers:
  11. would it be too much just to have one B-bags on eBay sticky?
    We fget into a pickle when there's too many stickies. . . people tend to ignore them or gloss over them.
  12. I like having an "authenticate this" thread PLUS a "horrible seller/stolen auction thread."

    Good call!

    J :smile:
  13. I like the idea of a bad seller/questionable auction thread as well. It will help keep the forum tidy and make it easier to research unscrupulous sellers.
  14. i think with sticky, people do tend to ignore. for example like when someones asked about the authenticity of 1 item in the "authenticity" sticky, usually just 1 or 2 people responds, sometimes none, because people don't open this thread or someone else put another question so the previous question is ignored...