Sticky Pockets and faint scent of mothballs, but oh what a bargain!

  1. My epi mabillon just came in (Yayyyy!), but just as I expected, the backpack smells faintly of mothballs (blechhhh!). I was expecting the stink--some forum members have purchased from this particular seller on eBay before and mentioned a certain...aroma--but I couldn't pass up the $300 bargain, inc. shipping! Any advice on how to exorcise the mothball demons from this bag? I knew about the sticky pockets beforehand, and they aren't that bad, any advice on how to fix those?

    This is going to be my work--school--walk-the-dogs bag!

  2. LV_addict knows how. I think febreeze & leaving it out in the sun. Does it have a lining? If it doesn't you may want to skip the febreeze. Leaving some fabric softener sheets in it helps too.
  3. spray with fabreeze..air it out for couple of days..(wide open)

    Good luck!!
  4. Thanks, Taco and BagsnBags! It does have a lining, so it should be okay if I use Febreeze.
  5. :yes: you dont have to saturate it, just a good spray.
    Congrats! & enjoy your great new bag:smile:
  6. Or you can spray (lots) on tissue and leave the tissue inside the bag. Fabreeze has nicer smell than drier sheet sometime.
  7. I know what ebay seller you mean.. I bought a speedy 40 from her and it came with the mothball scent :Push:
    I put a few Downy dryer sheets in it after spraying it a whole bunch with Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer,Orchard Garden scent :flowers: .
    The smell was gone overnight and my bag was fresh smelling inside. I keep the dryer sheets in there too all the time now.
  8. Thanks, LV_Mama! She seems to have great stock and the feedback, for the most part, is always positive (and buyers mention authentic), but her items rarely get bidders. Now I know why. Interesting, because she had a backpack earlier and I emailed her to ask if the bag had a mothball smell, and she said no, she hates mothball smells! Oh well, the bag was inexpensive. At least it doesn't smell like horse dung.:upsidedown:
  9. My BH had a strong smell too and I couldn't put my finger on what it was. My daughter said it smelled like a casino but it really doesn't smell like smoke.

    Is your bag from Lorelie?
  10. LOl, it does smell like a Casino! No, the bag isn't from Lorelie, but I don't want to say who it is because I don't want to burn any bridges; I might want to buy another bag from her in the future and she does ship pretty fast (two days from HK). Suffice it to say that if you do a forum search under "mothballs," I'm pretty sure she is the one they are talking about.
  11. My partition had a very strong smell, too. I followed the advice here and put fabric softener sheets inside (about 3 of them, the strongly scented type) and that took care of it. Hope this helps.
  12. Well it took me FOREVER to rid my purse (Black petit epi Noe) of that smell. I HATE mothballs so maybe that's why it was more of an issue for me.

    But since i only paid $250 for a $1000 bag I couldn't argue
  13. Same here--when I took a whiff of that bag, I was immediately transported back to my childhood at grandma's house, and memories of sitting on her plastic-covered sofa, which was surrounded by GIANT crucifixes and bleeding Jesus statues. Needless to say, NOT A FUN MEMORY!!!:Push:
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. When I recently got my Prada messenger from ebay, it had a smoky smell to it, but after I put a dryer sheet in each compartment (3 total) for only about 30 minutes, it went away.