Sticky notes in your agenda?

  1. I just received my ADORABLE LV sticky notes to go in my agenda and was wondering how many of you have them and what do you use them for? They are almost too precious to use! But at $10 per pack of 64, they are affordable. I just had to have them even if I have no idea what to use them for.
  2. i got them a few weeks ago too :rochard:! i haven't used them yet, but they're so cute and they were pretty cheap :lol:!
  3. Nope...None here as that's $10 that could go towards something that would last a lot longer than a piece of paper. I'm too practical.

  4. Yeah but you get 64 pieces of paper. *LOL*

    I ordered two of them actually, so that's 20 bucks for me to have 128 pieces of sticky LV paper.

    I may be crazy, but I am so happy with this purchase! I could so easily drop $20 on something else that I don't get to enjoy 128 times.
  5. So it's a little less than 16c for a sheet of excitement, one of the cheaper Vuitton thrills. :graucho:
  6. LoL!! I :heart: your way of thinking!!! :wlae:
  7. They should make LV breath mints as well, in a little monogram tin. And then you could refill the tin with cheaper mints.

    How pretentious would that be? *L* Let me pop a mint then pull out my agenda and write you a note on my sticky.......hee hee hee

    Hell, I'd totally buy 'em!
  8. And I'd totally be next in line ! ;)
  9. mmmm mints...

    That would be cute... It reminds me of some mints in a tin I got from Starbucks from a friend 4 Christmas' ago...
  10. i use them to give out my phone numbers and email adresses in style =P

    and also for some quick reminders for my kids like "lunch in the fridge" and stick them on their computer monitors before I head off
  11. I love the Victoria's Secret cinnamon mints that are shaped like lips and come in the little tin. Imagine the little LV mints.....the sweet taste of luxury......
  12. OMG, I just bought out the stickies from the LV store in Hotel Vancouver! I love them and the SA told me they are no longer going to carry them in Canada (too bad cuz they are so cute) so I ended up buying what she had left!
  13. Ok, what stickies? I have never seen them! But hey it sounds like those little papers are so cute! Can someone post pics! Can you only get them at the store, or on eluxury?
  14. here's how they look. it's actually 4 stacks x 16 stickies on one sheet of paper, making it 64 stickies in total. i may not have described that right :wondering. i got mine on eLuxury.

  15. Oh my gosh those are sooo adorable!!!!!!!!!