Sticky Kelly handle

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  1. Hi all! I took my togo Kelly out of the box to air her out a bit after several weeks. She’s relatively new and typically stored as she came (in dustbag and in the box) as recommended by my SA. I noticed that the resin along the handle feels sticky! Is this normal? Am I storing her incorrectly? Many thanks in advance!
  2. I would advise against storing your bag in the box over long periods of time. Leather needs to breathe.
  3. If you have to keep your bag in the box for space purposes, my SA suggested folding the paper into the bottom of the box and placing the lid on the bottom and bag in the dust bag. This way the bag gets air, but you don’t need separate storage for your box.
  4. Thank you so much for your advice! Wondering if any of you think the resin became sticky because I have kept the bag stored in the box?
  5. I feel like another member mentioned something similar recently, but I’m not remembering I what thread. Maybe someone else remembers the outcome. I think it was because of storage in box in humid climate, but I am not remembering perfectly.
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  6. Yes. Leave it in the dust-bag but out the box and the resin should firm-up
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  7. I have a similar case 2 weeks ago.I stored my Kelly in the box and was surprised that the handle is sticky.To be honest,I was very concerned too.So I air it for a week and it was fine now.I live in a humid country.I intend to take the bag out often to air even it is not in use.
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  8. So glad to hear your bag is fine now!
  9. Thanks so much! I feel a lot better now. :smile:
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  10. Hi everyone, I too have a problem with sticky handles. I got my new Kelly in store today and when took it out of the box to inspect again at home, i felt the handle’s edges where kind of sticky. I felt it right away because it’s different from all of my other H bags. I have a few Bs and Ks. It has been a little humid in the past weeks but I would think the boutique would store it in a place away from humidity. Has anyone experience this with any of their new H bags?
  11. I haven’t experienced it with bags right out of the box. My SA recently felt my bag handle when I brought it in and she said it was a non-issue. I try to rotate my bags and air them out a bit.
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