sticky just for wallets, zip clutch, whatever

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  1. ok, all of us loves bags, but why not we also show our wallets or whatever we use to organize our personal stuff. you can post a pic w/ the insides or just the wallet itself. just for fun :tup::smile:
  2. Very cute! I love buckle!! I'm not at home so I can't post but I just have LV wallet.
  3. yay!! someone has already paid attention! thanks bagsrmylife! post yours!
  4. Ok Ms. Angel I'm going to try posting again just for you. I tried posting my MJ capra on the BBBC thread and my Mac went crazy. I have a Chanel Camellia wallet that is gorgeous!
  5. Here you go of the Chanel Camillia as requested. :yes:
    DSC01098.jpg DSC01099.jpg
  6. yay!! another one, my sistah maya =) i love, love your chanel!! she's gorgeous!! :heart::tup: and i even tried to match the color of my text to your wallet!! :heart:
  7. hey everyone! feel free to post here! no need to lay down your important items =)
  8. Thanks Angel! I'm glad you like it - it's a very delicate wallet (creases easily and cc's don't come out easy), but it is quite pretty. Seems like it's just going to be me and you for awhile...think I'm going to post this in BBBC! I'll post one more wallet when I can dig out my camera again...stay tuned. :p

  9. i love the color~it's soooooooooooo cute!!!:heart:
  10. yay! more wallets! thats nice! i do have a penchant for wallets too esp when you can't justify buying a bag, then wallet will fix that itch!!
  11. Thank you! I was going to get the dark gray, but what the heck, get one that I haven't seen on tpf yet!

    If you want me to share more, Angel, I will (I'll either do it here, or on the BBBC thread for showing our stuff that we love!)
  12. sweet maya! thanks for supporting me here in my thread! youca n post your wallets here if you want and i'm excited!! :nuts::okay: