Sticky Information Part Deux- Solved!

  1. I started this as a new thread because i wanted everyone to read it as its very interesting information about our favourite bags!
    Since we try to remain private here now, I'll tell you I went to Hermes Alaska today and spoke with the Master [craftsperson) there about cleaning my Kelly Gris Pale and of course, the sticky situation from my last thread.
    Well, Master told me that the bags are entirely glued together first prior to being sewn and that, indeed, the metal hardware is glued first, then pearled down.
    I thought that was so interesting considering everyone says the bags are entirely sewn but indeed, there is plenty of glue in them, including the hardware! Master said since they are handmade sometimes glue might be applied more generously on one bag than another which is why such a tiny bit might "poke" out so to speak. Master said they could clean it up for me easily but i said it was ok because its really not something at all visible on either bag i discovered it on.

    Another tidbit is that any light coloured bags MUST be sent to Paris to the "factory" to be cleaned and that takes 6 months. Master advised me to wait until Summer is over to send it in because of how long it takes. i was disappointed at the wait time but figured that the bag looks good enough to wear so its fine, i'll just wait until i am in a position to not miss it so terribly for 6 months (maybe a new bag will take my mind off of it??) so she's still with me and will be sent in later for cleaning.

    Well, that is all. PS i encountered the rudest snob (client) who was huffing and puffing at my audacity to make her wait while Master and i spoke about my questions.:cursing: i told her, "MASTER IS ALL YOURS" :supacool:with a chuckle once i was through. she was so snooty id only ever seen such behaviour in movies or displayed with exaggerated tv show characters.

    ps on your Kelly bags- if you'd like the handle firmed up (meaning it flops backward or forward a bit easier than you'd like) they can add a stitch or two for you to firm it up again.
  2. Very interesting . . . thanks for all of the info
  3. Croissant: Thank you so much for the update. This is very interesting information indeed about the glue/stitching, and about shipping light bags to the mothership for 6 months at the spa during the summer! Does it take longer if you do it in the winter?

    So sorry about the rude person. Honestly, people just need to take a chill pill sometimes! Well done for being gracious to someone who clearly didn't deserve it. You're a lady!
  4. Thanks for all the terrific information Croissant.
    Sorry you had to experience some of Hermes worst bag lovers.
  5. ^^ well, i was being sarcastic to her but with a smile . haha
    as far as summer, Master suggested i wait only because i would be wearing it more during the warmer months given the colour, but i said that i plan on wearing that bag even in winter so it doesnt really have anything to do with season for me, Master just thought that i would miss it more during the summer.
    but to be honest, im really waiting til i beat it up and its necessary to be sent in for a cleaning. then it will be a must to wait the 6 months rather than torturing myself because i'm just anal.
  6. Thank you, Croissant for your latest update. You did good by checking and updating what you discovered. Good girl! We all learn something new only because we have members like you posting what you find out. :heart:

    As for that snooty lady at the store with you ... man! Some people still need some manners training.
  7. she reminded me of Bunny McDougal from Sex and the City. Charlotte's mother in law. from the attitude to the outfit. and she had a Black croc Kelly. or perhaps it was Graphite.
  8. Thank you for sharing!
  9. ps i cant be in that store without wanting to grab everything and buy it. it is SO DANERGOUS. i had to leave my wallet at home because i knew id wind up buying things. i am terrible. im really in some kind of lust with Bleu Roi. i'll have it in Birkin or Kelly, please. dont care about the hardware or leather either. just gimmie.
  10. Thank you, Croissant! This is very interesting information and I'm happy it put your mind at ease.

    Poor impatient lady behind would think having a Black Croc Kelly would make her the happiest person in the world with no need to act like a.....:hysteric:
  11. Unfortunately some who have high end Hermes think that they are better than the rest of us.
  12. ^^ i was thinking that too as i was standing there-- like hey lady, i have two bags here worth about $15,000. is that not good enough? haha
    im much younger than her, there will be plenty of $25,000 bags in my future! :woohoo:
  13. thanks for the info croissant, this is very interestin indeed.
  14. Very interesting... thank you!
  15. Excellent detective work, Croissant! Way to follow up. That is indeed very interesting information.

    And about the snob - she was just jealous that you are young and fresh and passionate, with your gorgeous Hermes and, well....perhaps she was not??!!