sticky handles..

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    One of my bals (an 09 Raisin city) is beginning to feel sticky... any suggestions of how I can keep it from getting worse / control the stickyness? baby powder comes to mind... ? Should I treat with LMB FHO?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :biggrin:
  2. ^^ First you should clean it, and then perhaps protect it. Do a search on how to clean your bbags. I like Apple Guard cleanser, and then I use LMB's pro-treatment to protect my handles.
  3. is pro treatment better than "for handles only" - do I use pro treatment on the entire bag or just the handles?
  4. also, where do i purchase apple guard?
  5. AG can be found at

    And the protreatment can be used on the entire bag if you want to. I like the protreatment much better than the FHO because it doesn't take away any shine on the bag/handles.
  6. Just wanted to add... If you use FHO, you can buff it lightly with a soft cloth afterwards and the shine comes right back. Works well for me. :smile:
  7. ^^ I've tried that, but its still too dull for my taste.
  8. Yes.