Sticky Credit Card Situation?

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  1. Okay girls, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what I should do.

    A little over a month ago, I purchased two bags from another member of a handbag community that I belong to. She had also sold another bag to another member of the community at the same time. It's been a month since then, and I still haven't received anything. She said that she had shipped the bag, and the other member of the community received hers. I had waited until now since international shipping could be iffy. Now, the seller did not purchase postal insurance or tracking on the package, so it's basically untrackable through the postal system at this point.

    I'm pretty dissapointed to be out that amount of money, but not every venue is closed at this point. I did pay using Paypal, so I could charge back for the item, but that would be pretty mean considering (if) she actually shipped the item. I also contacted my credit card company (AMEX) and was EXTREMELY disappointed that I couldn't report it as a lost since my card doesn't have buyer protection (which sucks, since I only used AMEX thinking I did have this option open).

    So.. does anyone have any other ideas ? The person which sold me the bag stopped emailling me when I asked her if she had idea suggestions for me (how rude), so she doesn't seem to want to help in any way. I just don't want to end up with nothing at this point, but it seems like I may have to write this one off at a loss. :sad:
  2. why didn't she insure the item?
  3. I have no idea, she probably just wanted to save on the shipping cause the price quoted was included with the shipping. :Push:
  4. I agree with Fayden, why wouldn't she insure the item. I think you should contact her once again, and if she doesn't respond, then yeah, talk to paypal.
  5. yup, she should have insured it. totally agree, if she doens't help you out, then go to paypal and get a refund because u don't know if she decided to lie and actually keep your money and the bag.
  6. I agree with Impsola - give her one more chance to respond, then start filing claims with PayPal.

    I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma :sad: I've had problems with the postal service lately, too. I shipped out a Coach wrislet I sold on eBay, and the postman tried to deliver it to a school (she had me send it to her at work) on a Saturday. The school is closed until after New Year's, so the buyer won't be able to get the slip needed to pick it up at the post office. Also, I ordered holistic, all natural medicine for my cat, who has allergies, and the postal service lost it and I had to file a claim with them, ugh :evil: They still haven't contacted me about my claim.
  7. Thanks for the advice, I think I will try to contact her once again. There also may be a customs receipt, so I may be able to track using that but that's a slim chance if it wasn't insured. I'm especially upset how it was supposed to be sent to my university address, which I won't be back at for another month anyways so I can't personally check my own mail !!!

    And I'm sorry to hear about that Cristina ! It's not even the money, but the medicine that counts.. poor kitty. :sad:
  8. Thank you Ayla, I hope your situation is solved soon!
  9. Email them again letting them know if you don't get a response from them within 2 days you will contact paypal. You can also track packages without tracking info thru the post office but they would need to go to the post office who handled the package. You can do that with letters too in case they end up in lost mail rooms. If you don't get a response at least you were nice enough to try to contact them first.
  10. Thanks for that information ! Would you have any more information on that ? I am Canadian so I am not quite sure about the differences between the postal systems and policies.
  11. If the item was shipped from the u.s. tell the seller to go to the post office where it was mailed and let them know you didn't receive the package they will take your address along with the sellers return address and check lost mail rooms where it passed thru. let the seller know that any postal clerk can help them. It can take awhile and I would definately contact paypal anyway but if you receive the package you can always send $ again.
  12. Thanks, I will follow up with that !
  13. Terrible:sad2: , You did not deserve this. Ayla, don't let anyone take advantage of your kindness. Call paypal immediately,if I had sent a bag that did not arrive to it's destination, I would feel responsible, the sender, not the receiver. She should take responsibility for this if she did not give you the option of insuring the item. Try and get your money back, deal with your feelings later.
  14. Aww.. thanks Star ! Don't worry, tomorrow (or I guess today, since it's 12:05 am !) I will be getting tough with this ! :lol:

    Thanks for your support !
  15. Good luck Ayla. I hope everything will come out ok for you.