Sticky canvas on Mini pochette accessories

  1. Hello Gals! I need help. :sad:

    I m not sure why the canvas on my damier mini pochette accessories is abit sticky. How do i get rid of the sticky feel? Anyone encountered the same problem?

    I tried searching the FAQ but cant' seem to find any clues on it.

    Thanks alot!! :heart:
  2. hum that's weird? when did you get yours? I never encounter the sticky feeling before.
  3. i would take it back to the store. it shouldnt feel sticky unless its had something spilt on it.
  4. I got mine about for about a year already. I wonder what happened. I tried using baby wipes but it doesn't solve the problem . :sad:
  5. Take it back and see what they say. I wouldn't mess with it....sounds like a defect to me.
  6. If baby wipes didn't work, there is definitely a problem. I would also take it back.