stickiness in older LVs

  1. this may be a really dumb question, but i'm going to ask anyways... i notice that in ebay, many of the older LVs are decribed as having sticky bits (usually inside), why is that? how come LV items get sticky when they get older? :shrugs:

  2. I think that it has something to do with a really hot climate. There is an old thread about it somewhere.

    But I live in New Jersey and mine don't get sticky.
  3. the stickiness is caused from over exposure to humidity. It's unrepairable unless you replace the lining, if possible.
  4. There are a lot of the bags that are sold on ebay from climates where there is high humidity year around. Another reason to be aware if you are buying on the secondary market. Know your buyers and ask questions. People get stuck with bags that have nasty insides and try to dump them on people who think they are getting a steal on ebay, you might get a good deal, but end up with a stinky, sticky mess. I've heard of that happening more than just a few times times.:cursing:

  5. So what is sticking? The canvas lining on the interior?
  6. My pochette from my old petite bucket bag has this. It's a sticky crumbling mess on the inside and is completely unusable. It literally peels and is sticky to the touch and the inside comes off on your lipstick and makeup containers. It's really horrible!
  7. Since the lining is obviously defective will LV fix it? They really SHOULD! That would infuriate me.
  8. Alot of older designer bags did this. Gucci was infamous for it. If you store your bags properly it shouldnt be a problem. Stuffing a cotton tshirt helps. Also the ones with a cloth lining do not do this.
  9. Stickiness? What?? I've never heard of this before?? Great, ANOTHER thing to worry about now!!
  10. I've never heard of this either. I would hate for this to happen to one of my bags.:sad:
  11. i have a really really old lv that was my nanas and i hve no idea what style or year it is but i dont notice it sticky
  12. This was a MAJOR problem years ago - the man-made lining in many zippered and open pockets of LV bags would literally peel off or become sticky in high humidity. The ladies in Japan freaked out and brought back their bags to LV in droves. LV changed the composition of the linings and it happens less frequently now.

    LV will replace the linings in a bag for about 100US.
  13. I've noticed it in a few of my mom's vintage pieces. Mainly the ones that are smaller in size - like the clutches and the poche toilette - had stickiness in them. But, my mom also didn't take care of her bags and we def. live in a high humidity area.
  14. Wow, I had never heard about that before :wtf:
  15. oh i didnt know that!