Stickin' it where the Sun don't shine

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  1. Congrats...she is a beauty!!!
  2. Oh, it is gorgeous!! Congratulations and best wishes!
  3. Japster -
    So sweet!!!
    So love the color.
    We need a new family picture, please.
  4. wow nice bag! Congrats...
  5. Japster: That bag is fantastic...what a gorgeous happy color. My mother would freak - she loves yellow (and so do I after seeing that bag!) You wear her well!
  6. OMG what a gorgeous color!! Congrats!
  7. I adore your YELLOW Kelly!
    Use her in the Best of Health and Happiness!:drinkup:
  8. that bag is a beaut! I'm also a fan of kelly in color. wear it in good health!